Want to show a TRUE before and after of your remodel?  ...only one way I can think of.

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Restoration Contractors & Mitigation Contractors


Just about everything in our insurance section also applies to you. In addition, when you utilize Virtual Vision you will save time going through all of the same time-consuming activities the insurance adjuster has to go through allowing you to spend more time:

  • Working with the customer on the details of the project.
  • Prospecting new jobs.
  • Working with your employees and sub-contractors.
  • Networking with other professionals.
  • Hiring new employees for your now expanding business since you are now able to focus on growth instead of inspections, re-inspections, photographing, noting, and writing the estimate (if X8 Estimating Service is utilized for preparation of your estimate).
  • No need to meet with sub-contractor to obtain bids on your Virtual Vision scanned property. Just send your sub’s a link of the Virtual Tour so they can review from anywhere they choose and provide you with their estimate faster and without inconveniencing the property owner to meet you multiple times. 

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