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Our state-of-the-art cameras capture the true color and depth of your home or business allowing Virtual Viewers to:


- Walk through the property as if they were actually there.

- Save/print 4K quality photos.

- Provide 360 degree photos of the inside or outside of the location.

- Measure virtually anything in the scan within 1% accuracy. 

- Provide floorplans of your home or business for distribution

- Provide custom guided tours so users can sit back and watch a customized tour through your home or business with no interaction required…other than clicking the play button.

- Insert “Matter Tags” within your VR tour that allows users to click on an item for sale and be directed to another website for further details on the product and ordering/appointment setting.

- Integration with other websites, such as and Google Maps.

- Transformation of the scanned space to an XactWare 3D model that can be used for estimating construction renovations/remodels and restoration construction after fire/water/storm damage. We work closely with X8 Estimating, a professional estimating service, to provide the XactWare model/sketch. X8 Estimating also provides highly detailed and accurate estimates for just about any construction project you can think of.

- “MatterPak Bundle” for use in construction projects.

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